Poly RealPresence Collaboration Server 2000

Universal video collaboration at the highest quality for the lowest cost

From your CEO to the intern, people use video collaboration to share the next great idea
from wherever they are at anytime. The rise of the video-enabled workforce creates a
need for a dynamic, scalable and reliable platform; a platform that is interoperable with
your existing and future collaboration investments. Polycom® RealPresence® Collaboration
Server platforms meet these needs, connecting the most people with the highest quality.
Reduce cost and complexity through innovative design
The unique, innovative architecture of Polycom Collaboration Servers reduces costs and
complexity. Only Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server provides support for AVC
and SVC protocols without expensive gateways, extra boxes or added risk. With Polycom
RealPresence Collaboration Servers, dynamic resource allocation provides the right
amount of resources per AVC call to reduce costs by eliminating wasted HD resources.
Protect your investments and prepare for the future
Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server breaks down barriers to video collaboration
with broad support for existing and emerging standards, protocols, applications, devices
and interoperability between unified communications (UC) environments. Only Polycom
RealPresence Collaboration Server platform solutions provide native integration with
leading UC applications and support for IP, H.323/SIP, PSTN and ISDN, AVC and SVC, all
within a single conference platform.
Transform your office into a high-performance workplace
RealPresence Collaboration Server helps thousands of companies get business done
faster no matter where their people are. Simple as clicking a link from a calendar or social
business application or making a phone call, organizations can connect face-to-face
over video intuitively. Customizable virtual meeting rooms become the new
boundaryless conference rooms, used securely and easily by individuals and set up in
minutes by IT to match existing phone extensions—“let’s meet at my number” will become
the new norm. Organizations can see, hear and share with crystalline clarity through
RealPresence Collaboration Server innovative technology including Lost Packet Recovery
for high-definition visuals even over the public internet and Polycom NoiseBlock audio
technology eliminates unwanted background noise. For IT, RealPresence Collaboration
Server software provides flexibility and control to administrators through user profiles. Its
straightforward administrator interface helps enable consistent, in-person communication
experiences without cumbersome technology, speeding the rate of video collaboration
adoption and increasing productivity

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