The H40 provides superior wireless connectivity to a range of up to 150 meters / 490 feet with no loss in connection quality.

The H40 stereo DECT cordless headset provides advanced noise-cancelling microphones and enhanced speakers to deliver crystal-clear calls even in noisy offices. It is specifically designed for dense environments enabling 3x more users to operate in the same office space with no loss in connection quality than typical DECT cordless headsets.

  • The H40 is a flexible stereo cordless headset that is ideal for home office use as it lets you roam around the entire house while on calls. It’s also an exceptional Contact Center supervisor headset that enables you to interact with your agents as you roam the floor
  • The H40’s flexibility shines with it’s support for dual simultaneous phone and PC connectivity – finally a headset that can be used for both PC collab and phone calls in one high quality, easy to use device
  • The wireless performance of this headset is truly impressive with a range of up to 450ft (150m) and up to 13 hours of talk time. You’ll appreciate the headset’s fast recharge times – 0-40% in 30 minutes and full charge in 90 minutes
  • If you’re security conscious, this headset is for you as it delivers industry leading military grade DECT security: 256-bit AES encryption and 128-bit authentication (DECT Security Level C)
  • With exceptional noise cancelling microphones and PeakStop + Intelligent Volume Control premium hearing protection this headset can be used for hours without causing you hearing fatigue
  • With 360° visible busylights on both earcups, others will know when not to disturb you
  • The dual “stereo” earcups provide passive noise cancellation to help keep you from being distracted by what’s going on around you
  • The headset exudes quality with premium materials including soft foam cushioning and leatherette where it counts
  • The headset connects to the PC or IP Phone via a USB-A cable, it can optionally connect to a phone via Analog RJ9 connection. Supported with the following 6900 / 6800 IP Phone models

– USB-A connection supported with Mitel 6920, 6920t, 6930L, 6930Lt, 6930, 6930t, 6940, 6867, 6869, 6873

– Analog RJ9 connection supported with Mitel 6910, 6920, 6920t, 6930L, 6930Lt, 6930, 6930t, 6865, 6867, 6869

– Compatible with standard Mitel Applications – See compatibility matrix

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