The H10 is a corded stereo headset with an advanced digital chipset and three strategically placed noise cancelling microphones.

The H10 headset is designed using biometric measurements from hundreds of heads for the ultimate all-day comfort. The call controls on the earcup ease call handling in a way that’s natural and intuitive.

  • If you’re a task-based worker who spends time collaborating via PC video and your soft or desk phone this is the headset for you… and if listening to music while you work is your thing – prepare to be blown away by the audio experience this headset delivers!
  • Quickly answer calls by moving the boom arm down or mute calls by moving the boom arm up – what could be simpler!
  • Introducing PeakStop – stops sudden peaks in volume so the headset goes easy on your ears.
  • With 360° visible busy lights on both earcups others will know when not to disturb you.
  • Powerful 40mm speakers deliver rich sound giving you a truly immersive audio experience.
  • 3-microphone technology is utilized for outstanding background noise filtering so the noise around you isn’t heard by others on the call.
  • The unique noise-isolating design of the stereo speakers lets you remain focused on the task at hand in noisy surroundings.
  • The headset connects via a USB-A cord to your PC or Mitel IP Phone; supported models include:

– Mitel 6920, 6920t, 6930L, 6930Lt, 6930, 6930t, 6940, 6867, 6869, 6873

– Compatible with standard Mitel Applications – See compatibility matrix

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