The 6970 IP Conference Phone designed to make meetings easier and more efficient.


  • High-resolution, seven-inch colour multi-touch display (1024 x 600 dpi) provides intuitive user interface for access to call handling features, corporate directory, and audio, collaboration, and video functions
  • Superior audio conferencing capability including beam forming array of 16 microphones and 22 KHz High Definition (HD) Audio Support
  • Patented beamforming technology automatically locates the talker in the room while attenuating background noise by intelligently adjusting the microphone sensitivity towards the current talker – provides visual indication of the active microphone beam
  • In-room presentation display capability via built-in HDMI interface that connects to high definition (1080p) LCD display or projector
  • Built-in four-party HD Video Conferencing bridge – Up to 720p x 30fps video conferencing support – HD multi-party audio / video conferencing capabilities with built-in four-party bridge (one local + three remote)
  • Next generation “zero learning curve” GUI that portrays a 3D environment with animation that delivers unparalleled ease of use
  • External presentation display capability to remote video participants
  • Embedded SmartOffice Suite enables user to view /modify PowerPoint®, Word, Excel®, and PDF files
  • Support for remote desktop access (RDP)
  • No laptop required to display presentation material in-room and to remote participants – access files via Google Docs, Dropbox, USB Flash Drive, Micro SD Card, or RDP
  • Corporate Directory access (Active Directory® / LDAP)
  • “Consultation Call” support: ability to set up a call with an external participant outside of the conference bridge even when the bridge is full
  • Open, standards-based multimedia interoperability (SIP, H.264)
  • Five one-touch buttons for dedicated Home, Menu, Back, Mute, Volume Up / Down functions
  • Support for connection of Ethernet Cameras (up to 720p x 30 fps) that support H.264 codec
  • Single GigE LAN Port
  • Two USB 2.0 connections for transferring files / accessories support
  • Support for USB-connected wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Provides audible tone alerts when a party on a conference call has entered or dropped off the conference
  • Supports operation behind the Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) as a solution to ensure firewall / NAT traversal as well as to support communication between Teleworker / Branch Office locations
  • Powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE); Optional PoE Universal Power Adapter or Multi-port PoE Gigabit (Gb) Switch also available
  • Technology designed to resist GSM interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, delivering clear communications without noise distractions
  • Audio and in-room display option for small meeting rooms


  • Resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Size: seven inch
  • Color multi-touch TFT display
  • Backlit display with adjustable brightness

Keypad / Feature Keys

  • Standard 12-key touch screen based keypad (0 – 9, *, #)
  • Five off-display touch buttons with icons for dedicated Home, Menu, Back, Mute, Volume Up/ Down functions

Audio Features

  • Beam-forming microphone array – 16 microphones
  • Frequency Response: 150 Hz to 22 kHz
  • 13 ft (4 m) microphone pickup
  • Maximum Speaker Volume: 80 dB at 1 meter peak volume
  • Speaker / Ringing Volume range: 36 dB over 12 steps (volume remains at last setting used)
  • Full-duplex speakerphone for natural conversation
  • Volume control settings with on-screen display indication
  • Automatic Gain Control (Beam former)
  • Voice activity detection
  • DTMF tone generation / DTMF event RTP payload
  • Low-delay audio packet transmission
  • Adaptive jitter buffers
  • Packet loss concealment
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Supported Codecs: G.711 (A-law and u-law): G.729a, G.722, G.722.1

Room Size (maximum)

  • 9,800 feet3 (277 m3)
  • 35 x 35 feet (10.7 x 10.7 m)

Video and Collaboration Features

  • Up to four-party Video Conference (one local and three remote)
  • 264 support
  • 720p x 30 frames per second (video)
  • 1080p (in-room presentation)

Peripheral Device Support

  • HDMI Display
  • HDMI Projector / Pico Projector
  • Ethernet (LAN) Video Camera
  • USB keyboard and mouse (wireless recommended)

Camera Specifications / Requirement

  • ONVIF compliant Ethernet camera (Open Network Video Interface Forum)
  • Supports H.264 video compression
  • Supports video resolution up to 720p @ 30 fps
  • Supports video streaming via RTP over UDP
  • Provides a 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet network interface

SIP Call Handling Features

  • Make Calls
  • Receive Calls
  • Advanced built-in four-party conferencing
  • Call Hold / Retrieve
  • Speakerphone Volume Controls
  • Mute
  • Ringing Volume Controls
  • Configurable dialing plan support
  • Search function
  • One-touch contacts speed dial

Other Features

  • SIP Resiliency
  • Status Bar: Network Status
  • Settings: Brightness, Clean Mode, Advanced Settings, Date and Time, System Settings, Login / Logout, Language, Keyboard
  • Time and date display / call timer
  • Corporate Directory (Active Directory / LDAP) support
  • Multilingual Support: English, French (Canadian), Spanish (European), Spanish (Latin American), Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese (European), Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Called, calling, connected party information
  • LED ring with dual-colour (Blue / Red) LEDs (for ringing, mute, idle, alerting, and microphone beam indications)

Interfaces / Connectors

  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T with PoE (RJ45)
  • HDMI (Type A) connector (HDMI version 1.4a)
  • USB 2.0 (Type A) interface (2)
  • Micro SD Card slot
  • External Audio input jack 3.5mm TRS (hardware only; not supported in Rel. 1.0)

Network and Provisioning

  • IP Address Configuration: DHCP and Static IP
  • Voice QoS Support: IEEE 802.1p/q tagging (VLAN), Layer 3 TOS and DSCP
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) support (MBG)
  • Backup import / export
  • Status and statistics (Debugging Settings)
  • Reset to factory default

Protocol Support

  • SIP
  • 264 Video Codec


  • IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (Class 4) compliant
  • Optional Gb PoE Adapter, Universal, 90-264 V, 48 VDC 50 – 60 Hz (PN 51301151)
  • Optional Multi-port Gb PoE Adapter, Universal, 90-264 V, 48VDC 50 – 60 Hz (PN 51301282)

System Software Requirements

  • Mitel Communications Director (MCD), Release 5.0 SP2
  • Mitel Border Gateway (MBG), Release 7.1
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